Alden's Acres

4706 Porter Hollow Road
Great Valley, NY  14741


If you have your own horses, why not bring them on vacation with you?  We are close to miles and miles of bridle trails.  Our rates make it more affordable for you to bring them along than to pay someone to care for them at home!


We have a 30 x 40 foot barn that is set only 50 feet from the house.  There are five stalls; each is approximately 8 x 10 feet in size.  Boarding is self care only. There is also plenty of room to park your vehicles and trailers next to the barn.

Feeding and Care

We feel it is in your horses best interest to maintain the same feed that they are used to eating, therefore, we do not supply hay or grain.  All stalls have grain bins and water buckets.  We do supply plenty of bedding, and we ask that you pick your horse's stall daily and strip stalls prior to leaving.  There is plenty of fresh water available for watering and bathing your horses.  We have acres of fields behind the barn, but they are not currently enclosed by a fence.  You are welcome to bring a round pen or temporary enclosure. 

Trails on our property

There are trails off the back of our property and behind the pond, courtesy of an old logging road.  They are ungroomed and primitive.  Terrain is hilly, but it makes a nice short ride when you don't want to trailer out to adjoining trails.  

Other Trails

We have miles and miles of trails within minutes of Alden's Acres.  Less than 10 miles away is the Allegany State Park with 90 miles of bridle trails.  This map is oversided, so may be difficult to print, but is very detailed.

Vet Care & Tack

There are several large animal vets in the area as well as a tack shop for last minute needs.  We suggest that you bring extras of those things that get lost or broken when you least need it.  Be sure to have a list of area vets with you.


The State of New York requires a current Coggins test.  The Allegany State Park asks that you use approved riding helmets (ASTM E-1163).


Rates are $5 per day per horse.  If you request to have hay supplied, there will be an additional cost based on the going rate per bale + $1 for delivery per bale.